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A few pics of shows and client installations.

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Virgil de Voldère Gallery NY, NY
Museum of Fine arts Boston
Clark Gallery

Palmer's strokes are breathtakingly seductive and technically mystifying - so crucially human.....

- Monica Khemsurov -



A few tidbits from the press.

Design New England
Elle Decor magizine
Surface magizine

David Palmer’s paintings at Clark Gallery are undeniably showy and irresistible, but they’re also made with astonishing technique. Palmer uses a 27-inch brush loaded with electric blue paint, and makes each of his square paintings with a single stroke. Some are more than 6 feet square. It’s a calligraphic feat, and it must be choreographic to witness. The gesture, in a painting such as “Niki,’’ angles and loops and swirls, curling like a surfer’s wave or deepening into eddies. The paint comes off the brush thick as syrup here, dryer and streaked with white there. You can’t tell the beginning from the end. The juicy mark careens over a surface so white and pristine it could be porcelain, which makes the blue pop. Splendid.

- Cate McQuaid -

- Boston Globe -

David Palmer's large-scale ribbony ripples, all in a lagoon-worthy blue, are euphoric. The broad swaths of paint -- created with a brush 20 inches wide - loop, twist, and swirl, held in check only by the rectangle of the canvas. The works are the result of many rehearsals and then an exhausting performance with paint. Amazingly, the actual process of painting lasts less than 10 seconds. As with some abstract expressionism, Palmer's works are records of a physically demanding, almost athletic process.

- Christine Temin -

- Boston Globe -

Clark Gallery

Dana Salvo/Dawn Southworth
145 Lincoln Road
Lincoln, MA 01773
+ 1.781.259.8303

Erdreich White Fine Art

Elizabeth Erdreich White
145 West Newton Street
Boston, MA 02118
+ 1.617.266.0644

Jules Place

Julie Mussafer
1200 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02118
+ 1.617.542.0644

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